The magic mirror

Tags: mirror, quot, woman, magic, auction

Αποστολέας: Ανώνυμος

A woman who loves antiques goes to a local auction and purchases an antique mirror. After paying for her purchase, she turns to leave the auction.
An elderly woman who was bidding against her, states "You are very lucky, that is a magic mirror.
Look into the mirror and state in rhyme, your wish". The woman takes the mirror home, cleans it up and hangs it on the wall. She starts to walk away,
but the words of the old woman rang in her ears.
She thinks, what the heck, looks into the mirror and says," Mirror, mirror big and blue, make my boobs a 42"
Poof, the woman had a 42 bust line.
Excited by this, she runs to her husband and tells him the story. He thinks what the heck, looks in to themirror and says,"Mirror, mirror, nice and round, make my penis hit the ground". And POOF! His legs fell off!