A Blind Man

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There were 2 nuns in a convent and were renovating a room. They were painting, putting new carpet, etc.
It was a very hot day and one nun said to the other "Gosh its hot in here, maybe we should take off all our clothes to be more comfortable".
The other nun said "Ok, we have the door closed and no one is here now, so lets do it".
They take off their clothes and are totally naked and continue working when there was a knock on the door.
Freightened the nuns asked who it was and the man answered that he was a blind man.
The nuns thought for a moment and said to each other that the man is blind and he wont see their naked bodies so they let him in.
The man comes in and sees the naked nuns and said "Nice tits, where should I leave the blinds?"

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