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Αποστολέας: Ανώνυμος

It was late one night when a man walked into a bar. He sat down and asked the bartender to bring him a beer. The bartender did. So the man quickly drank
down the beer, then looked into his pocket, sighed, and asked the bartender for another beer. So once he recieved this beer, the man again drank it down.
after that he looked into his pocket again, sighed, and ordered another beer.
Now this went on for quite some time. and each time the man finished a beer he would look into his pocket and then order another. now the bartender had begun to get suspicious so he said,
"Hey man, how come every time you drink a beer you look into your pocket?" now the man replied,
"Well.....i have a picture of my wife in my pocket. and i keep on drinkin until she looks good, and then i go home."

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