The mailman

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One night, little Johnny was lying asleep in his bed and was awakened by a noise. He lay there for a second and realized it was coming from his parents room. He jumped up and ran to their room only to find them awake having sex.

He just stared wide eyed at them for a while, not knowing what they were doing. He walked a little closer to the bed and said, "Daddy?" What are you and Mommy doing?" The Dad was startled and rolled over to see his son. "Well, Johnny, Im, um, you know how you were wanting a baby brother? "Yes," replied little Johnny, in a timid voice. "Well, Im a putting little brother in your Mommy for you." Johnny smiled and said, "Oh, okay!" and left the room feeling safe and secure.

The Dad felt good about himself for his witty and quick-on-the-spot answer and rolled over to fall asleep in his wifes arms. The next day after work, Daddy came home to find Johnny sitting on the grass crying. "Whats wrong?" Daddy asked as he picked his son up filled with concern. "Daddy! You know my little brother that you put in Mommy?" "Yes," the Dad replied nervously.

"The Mailman ate him this morning!" Johnny screamed.

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