The little fellow

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Αποστολέας: Ανώνυμος

A guy is standing at a urinal when he notices that hes being watched by a midget. Although the little fellow is staring at him intently, the guy doesnt get uncomfortable until the midget drags a small step ladder up next to him, climbs it, and proceeds to admire his privates at close range.
"Wow," comments the midget, "those are the nicest balls I have ever seen!"
Surprised and flattered, the man thanks the midget and starts to move away.
"Listen, I know this is a rather strange request," says the little fellow, "but I wonder if you would mind if I touched them."
Again the man is rather startled, but seeing no real harm in it, he obliges the request. The midget reaches out, gets a tight grip on the mans balls, and says, "Okay, hand me your wallet or Ill jump off the ladder!"