Bella the naughty parrot

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Αποστολέας: Ανώνυμος

An old lady was looking for some company so she went to the pet shop and the man behind the counter recommended a parrot.
The parrot was very beautiful and so the old lady took her home but to her dismay she discovered that all the parrot would say was
My name is Bella and I wanna have sex
When the vicar called round the next day she was very embarrassed and told him her plight.
The vicar had an idea - Ive got two male parrots at home but all they do is sing hymns and pray all day they would be a good influence and so the vicar took Bella home with him.
When they got to the vicarage the vicar put Bellas cage next to that of his parrots My names Bella and I wanna have sex! she exclaimed. The two parrots looked at each other and one said Hey mate I told you this praying would do some good!

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