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A blonde quickly went out to her mail box, looked in it, closed the door of the box, and went back in the house. A few minutes later she repeated this process by checking her mail again.
She did this five more times, and her neighbor that was watching her commented: "You must be expecting a very important letter today the way you keep looking into that mail box."
The blonde answered, "No, I am working on my computer, and it keeps telling me that I have mail."

Κι αλλα απο την ιδια κατηγορια

Ξανθια μαμα - ξανθια κορη.

Η ξανθιά μαμά λέει στη ξανθιά κόρη που ετοιμάζεται να βγει ραντεβού:- Aντε κορίτσι μου καλά να...

Why do blondes have two more brain cells than a cow?

So that when you pull their tits, they dont moo....

6 παιδια

- Γιατί οι ξανθιές γεννούν το πολύ 6 παιδιά ; - Έχουν ακούσει ότι το 1 στα 6 παιδιά που γεννιο...

Η μαυρη τριχα

Που μπορούμε να βρούμε μια μαύρη τρίχα σε μια ξανθιά; -Ανάμεσα στα δόντια της!!!...