The little turtle

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A little turtle begins to climb a tree slowly.
After long hours of effort, he reaches the top, jumps into the air waving his front legs, until he crashes heavily into the ground with a hard knock on his shell.
After recovering his consciousness, he starts to climb the tree again, jumps again, and knocks the ground heavily again.
The little turtle persisted again and again while a couple of birds sitting at the edge of a branch, watched the turtle with pain.
Suddenly the female bird says to the male,
- "Hey dear, I think its time to tell our little turtle he is adopted."

Κι αλλα απο την ιδια κατηγορια

Το θυμιατηρι

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Ρωτησαν τον καθηγητη...

Κάποτε ρώτησαν ένα καθηγητή αν τον ενοχλούσε όταν οι μαθητές του κοίταζαν το ρολόι τους. -&quo...

Η ομορφη ξανθια

Βλέπει κάποιος στο δρόμο μια εκπληκτικά όμορφη ξανθιά γυναίκα και λέει:- Μένω έκθαμβος ......

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