Message to mother

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A blonde went into a world wide message center to send a message to her mother overseas. When the man told her it would cost $300, she exclaimed:" But I dont have any money. But Id do ANYTHING to get a message to my mother".

The man arched an eyebrow (as we would expect). "Anything?" he asked. "Yes, yes, anything" the blonde promised.

"Well then, just follow me" said the man as he walked towards the next room. The blonde did as she was told and followed the man.
"Come in and close the door" the man said. She did.
He then said, "Now get on your knees". She did.
"Now take down my zipper". She did.
"Now go ahead ... take it out ...." he said. She reached in and grabbed it with both hands ... then paused. The man closed his eyes and whispered, "Well ... go ahead".

The blonde slowly brought her mouth closer to it... and while holding it close to her lips, tentatively said...........

"Hello, mom, can you hear me?"

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