Losing his virginity

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When his father decided it was time for Junior to part with his virginity, he accompanied him to the local brothel and explained Juniors condition to the madam.

"Dont worry, my boy, well get a nice girl to take care of ya," she promised. "You just do your part and sure ya wear one wear one of these."
With this the madam took a condom out of her drawer and rolled it down her thumb by way of instruction.

Junior parted eagerly with his money and bounded up the stairs to Room Twelve. There a cheerful farm girl soon showed him the ropes. After hed cum, a frown passed over her face. "The rubber must have torn," she muttered. "Im wet as the sea inside."

"Oh no, it didnt," Junior cheerfully reassured her, holding up his thumb as evidence. "Its as good as new!"

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