Hunting Bears

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A guy is walking through the woods with a shotgun, hunting for bears, when all of a sudden he sees one. He shoots at it, but misses.
The bear, annoyed, goes up to the guy: "Did you just shoot at me?"
Guy says, "Yeaa..."
"Bend over!" says the bear. "Or Ill eat you."
The guy figures, "F*ck! Its a bear!" so he bends over, and the bear f*cks him up the ass.
Next day, same guy, bigger shotgun, same bear. "Did you just shoot at me?"
"Bend over!"
So the guy figures, "F*ck! Its a bear!" ...and gets it up the ass again.
Third day, same thing... "Did you just shoot at me?"
So the bear goes, "Ummm... You dont come here to hunt, do you?"

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